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Ashley is an immortal witch and the leader of the BBC. She was originally evil until she turned good and acts like an anti-hero. She makes programs such as Teletubbies to prepare Earthey for what it will be like when the Teletubbies come to Earthey and take it over. Ashley does not comb her hair or play her dolls because she does not have any time for girly things like that. Instead, she likes to drug children. She also created British People and rules over Britishland.


She was born hundreds of years before the events of the first Mario game when a pregnant woman named Red got struck by lightning in the Mushroom Kingdom. Ashley has magical powers from this. She used money she got from the yakuza to create the BBC

The BBC[]

The logo of her company

Ashley is the CEO of the BBC and makes shows such as Teletubbies to prepare Earthey for what will happen when the third coming of the Teletubbies occurs. She is often misunderstood as evil even though she's just trying to prepare the world for the inevitable.