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Bad Gaya is a country of Archanea and is where all of the villains live. The residents are all evil and the kingdom was only ever governed by one person: Medeus.


Everything is also red and is pretty dark. Y’know because they’re evil.

Financial State[]

Nobody wants to work, so everybody just takes sick days all of the time. I mean, they don’t let them have any sick days because they’re evil, but By sick days I mean sick of your bull crap days. Everybody is very evil and likes to be mean because they’re evil. The streets are all dirty, crumbled and messed up. Because everyone is evil. They bully people, go to bed at 3am every day, miss most of the day by sleeping in, eat breakfast burritos every day, fart and blame it on someone else, and murder people with their bare hands and blathe in their blood.