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What they eat

Breakfast Island is a jungle country on Earthey founded on the basis of Breakfast. It is run by the Breakfast Council, made up of Mt. Breakfast and Dinosaur George. There is one village called Breakfast Village, because all of the other villages were destroyed by the angry wrath of Mt. Breakfast who did so because he was bored.

Ways of Life[]

The country is a dictatorship run by a volcano named Mt. Breakfast. Everything they do is founded on the basis of Breakfast. If you mention the word lunch or dinner, you will be thrown into Mt. Breakfast by Dinosaur George while he yells “BOILING LAVA!” Most of the breakfast in the country is supplied by The Nannerpus.


- Mt. Breakfast

- Donkey Kong

- Diddy Kong

- King K. Rool

- Dixie Kong (Former)

Jungle that they live in

- Dinosaur George

- The Nannerpus

The War[]

The country participated in the Breakfast-Dinner-Spaghetti War against Hyrule and The Mushroom Kingdom. During the war, soldiers from the Mushroom Kingdom managed to throw every single person in the country into Mt. Breakfast, killing them all. This made Mt. Breakfast erupt once more for the final time, killing himself but it did pretty much no damage to everyone else.