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A picture of him (he looks like a sock)

CEO of Anime is the main villain of Waluigi's Bizarre Adventure. Using the Magic Crayon he created anime and used it to populate Animeland which he became the dictator of.


CEO of Anime likes to constantly reference dead memes and Danganronpa and is very annoying. He is a dictator of Animeland and makes the place miserable to live in due harsh restrictions on the way of life for everyday civilians. He is also an avid fan of murdering innocent people and does things like make unfunny jokes about friday night funkin. His assistant is PaRappa the Rapper.

Role in Waluigi's Bizarre Adventure[]

He acted as the main antagonist of Waluigi's Bizarre Adventure. In that game, Waluigi developed a stand ability and became friends with two anime characters CEO of Anime created, Jotaro Kujo and Izuku "Deku" Midoriya. After CEO of Anime told Waluigi he could not be friends with them, Waluigi went on a journey to try and kill him and free the nation of Animeland.


At the end of Waluigi's Bizarre Adventure, CEO of Anime was killed by Waluigi who hit him really hard with a tennis racket. This wiped out all anime in Animeland but Waluigi quickly used the Magic Crayon to turn his friends Jotaro and Deku into cartoons and they lived on forever.

Relationship with BBC[]

BBC hired the CEO of Anime to take out Waluigi, who could maybe defeat the BBC. BBC has a big-ass gravestone for the CEO of Anime