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DJ Octavio is an octopus who wore a trench coat and hat pretending to be an Inkling. He is the dictator of Inkland and put Ink in the name to make himself less suspicious. He also had the idea for the Splat Games and kidnapps children for the games including Splat Tim, Splat Tom, Unnamed Kid 1, Unnamed Kid 2, Unnamed Kid 3, and many more. His assistant is Squidward.



He likes to tell everyone what to do, and bosses everyone around constantly. DJ Octavio can’t trust anybody with anything and that’s why he personally kidnapps children. He also has a music career and makes songs such as "Shredding Babies Heads Off With A Guitar." It is very successful which is probably because he's the only one who records music, some nice he kills everyone who does such as what he did to the Squid Sisters He likes death of children.

Later Life and Death[]

After Splat Tim organized a revolution, DJ Octavio tried to run away, but his efforts were in vain. His eyes were scooped out, and they forced him to eat it, then they cut his head and cut out a part of his brain that stores memories and made him eat it. Then they chopped off his limbs, starved him, put him on a pirate ship and made him walk the plank, then put the plank up his butt until it touched his brain.