Dinner Spaghetti and Breakfast: Battle Royale is a 1988 first person shooter released by Neenteendo.


You play as either Mario or Luigi during the Breakfast-Dinner-Spaghetti War And must shoot enemies on the Breakfast side and dinner side. You have a Mushroom Rifle made by Princess Peach herself which must reload every 2 seconds wether or not you shoot, through 4 levels.


The game takes place during the Breakfast-Dinner-Spaghetti war. Since you’re just a random soldier you don’t actually get to hear why you’re fighting until later. The war started when Hyrule accidentally insulted spaghetti and breakfast. You kill all of Breakfast Island and Hyrule with Mt. Breakfast and The Biggest Fan.


Most called it “An intense war simulator” IGN gave it a 66666545/10.

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