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Donkey Kong is a breakfast obsessed ape who lives on Breakfast Island with his sister, Diddy Kong.


Donkey Kong is a very cruel ape who enjoys beating things and is constantly eating banan

as for breakfast. He hurts a lot of people. Donkey Kong is also known for hitting his sister, and even put her in a wheel chair after he smelled her germs on his punching bag. (he has the ability to smell anyone’s germs on anything) Donkey Kong later sold Diddy for a Neenteendo Swatch which was a way for Neenteendo to advertise their system.

Battle against King K. Rool[]

Once, King K. Rool asked Donkey Kong if he could borrow his pencil in second grade. Donkey Kong never stopped beating him until he died.


Donkey Kong and his sister Diddy Kong participated on the side of breakfast in the Breakfast-Dinner-Spaghetti war. Diddy placed a game boy trap meant to crush her enemies but she accidentally crushed him. His last words were "Oh these are some pretty cool bananas."