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Eirika is a princess in the game Flying Emblem: The Sacred Stoners. She is the princess of Good Gaya and went on a big journey to defeat Medeus. She won against Medeus however she didn’t kill him.



Nice. Nice is her only personality trait.


Eirika had a huge team of knights. Her body was ready to fight Medeus. 20 minutes later they were all dead except for Tiki because they slipped on a banana peel. Eirika has very happy, not because she hated them, but because she is very nice person and never complains. In the battle against Medeus, they very quickly defeated him, but the niceness I just talked about caused Eirika to spare him. Medeus was spared many times and never turned good, this was no difference. Medeus pushes her into a portal, which later revealed to be a portal to a gigantic game of Yahtzee, and after this game Eirika died of having her head flushed down the toilet.