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Flying Emblem is a Neenteendo series. It stars a different character for each game, so I have to make a lot more pages. It centers around the conflict of the Good Gaya royal family and Medeus of Bad Gaya. It takes place on Archanea which is a continent on Earthey.



Flying Emblem (1977)

Flying Emblem: Great Big Chair (1978)

Flying Emblem: Sacred Stoners (1979)

Flying Emblem: Delicious Trash (1998)

Flying Emblem: Universal Game of Yahtzee (2000)

Flying Emblem: Everyone Dies In This One (2010)

Main Characters[]

Flying Emblem-Marth

Flying Emblem: Great Big Chair-Ike

Flying Emblem: Sacred Stoners-Eirika

Flying Emblem: Delicious Trash-Roy

Flying Emblem: Universal Game of Yahtzee-Everyone

Flying Emblem: Everyone Dies in This One-Everyone