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Flying Emblem: Everyone Dies in this One is a direct sequel to Flying Emblem: Universal Game of Yahtzee and is the final Flying Emblem title, released in 2010 for the Neenteendo Play Thing 3.



During the game, you take control of all the previous Flying Emblem characters: Marth, Ike, Roy and Eirika who you have to kill and can control in any order. The gameplay is moving them into a cat door which closes on their neck.


All of the Flying Emblem protagonists are being forced to play Yahtzee, so everyone wishes to kill themselves because that game sucks. They stick their heads through cat doors to and kill themselves. Meanwhile, in a cutscene it is revealed that Tiki is killed because somebody thought her name meant tiki torch trump stuff. After that, Medeus and Yugdab finally take over Good Gaya and begins attempting to paint the entire country red.


Most called it “A beautiful tragic story.” IGN gave it a 33311/10.