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Flying Emblem: Great Big Chair is a 1951 Neenteendo game. It stars Ike.



Basically the same as the first Flying Emblem. Actually exactly the same as before. Literally I’m not even kidding.


Ike is a member of the Royal Family of Good Gaya, and after the evil Medeus of Bad Gaya destroyed his husband the gigantic chair, he goes on a quest with his knights and with Tiki to defeat Medeus. The knights quickly die because they’re one inch taller then everyone else and get decapitated on a low door. They walk for six hours and defeat Medeus. On the journey a mysterious person named Yugdab joins them. Yugdab manages to convince them he joined the side of good but in the end he pushes Ike into a random portal to a random dimension and Tiki runs all the way to Good Gaya.


Most called it “A hugely impactful sequel.” IGN gave it a 55514/10.