Flying Emblem is a 1944 Neenteendo game.


The cover. Marth likes the meme.


The game is a platformer where you must walk for about 6 hours. The background is exactly the same an you play as Marth. At the end is a cutscene where if you don’t know that you’re supposed to press A+B+C+Z+D and then G and F at the same time, you will restart the game.


Medeus of Bad Gaya invades Good Gaya. For the first time out of like 6 or something probably. Marth, Tiki and his knights come from Good Gaya to try and stop Medeus, but the knights quickly die by slipping on a banana peel. Tiki and Marth make it to Medeus’s castle and on the way are joined by Yugdab. The three fight and defeat him in combat but before they could kill Medeus it’s revealed that Yugdab is Medeus’s son and he pushed Marth into a portal. Tiki quickly ran away back to Good Gaya but she believes Yugdab is still good for some reason.


Most called it “An amazing new idea by Neenteendo, start of a wonderful series.” IGN gave it an 88881/10.

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