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Giuseppe dabbing

Giuseppe is Mario and Luigi’s adopted brother. He lives a pretty sad life after being disowned by Mario and Luigi.


Giuseppe is very shy and nervous. So, yeah. He is. How am I supposed to write this crap?????

Early Life[]

Giuseppe never really shared much about his life with other people. He lied to husband parents and told them he would like to have adopted brothers when he didn’t. In fact his whole life he wanted to join the fight on the Spaghetti side of the Spaghetti-Dinner-Breakfast War.

False Conviction[]

Recently, Giuseppe was falsely convicted of murder. He was disowned by Mario and Luigi after that. They did believe him, but they disowned him anyways. Oops.

Wait, what?[]

Giuseppe is a real human being who lives in New Jersey and everything in the Mario series is his real life dream. What the hell?