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Goku is Mario, Luigi and Giuseppe’s adoptive father and the husband of Pikachu. Along with Pikachu he is the protagonist of the Pokemon series and travels across the universe, spreading the message of the Toasters for Toast Movement and catching em all which he left his family to do. He has ki powers and fights with energy. He also catches them all with Pokeballs (a metaphor for converting them to the religion)

Early Life[]

At the age of 4 he was born in Animeland to parents Bardock and Daisy who put him on a boat and pushed him out to sea for fun. He went to the Mushroom Kingdom and met his wife Pikachu at the age of 5. They grew up together in a city called Grand Rapids, Michigan in the Mushroom Kingdom and adopted three children: Mario, Luigi and Giuseppe. Goku and Pikachu raised them to be Toasters for Toastist as they both heard of this movement from an unknown space. At the age of 79 Goku decided to go to space along with Pikachu.

Space Travel[]

He has been to every single planet except for PNF-404 to try and spread the message of Toasters for Toastim and thanks to him and Pikachu's efforts many people know of it.


He was killed after all anime characters were wiped out. This is because the CEO of Anime was killed by Waluigi. This made Pikachu very sad.