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Good Gaya is one of the countries in the continent of Archanea. It is where all of the good guys come from and everything there is blue.


Everybody who lives in Good Gaya is good, and the Royal Family is constantly changing due to the fact that they all seem to go missing in a portal at the end of a big journey. But no one complains because they’re all good. Good Gaya is always being attacked by Bad Guya and Good Gaya always wins but never kills them because they’re good. The people at Good Gaya are pretty big fans of light too. Y’know, because they’re good.



National Colour[]

I’ll give you one wild guess.

Financial State[]

Everything is good because everyone is jolly good chaps who never complain, brush their teeth in the morning, go to bed on time, thank the bus driver, volunteer on weekends and ask before they play someone’s else piano when they’re at their house unlike EVERY SINGLE MOTHER *****NG PERSON ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!