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Luigi is the younger brother of Mario and older brother of Giuseppe. Even though he was raised by the very Toasters for Toastist parents Goku and Pikachu, he is very against the movement.


Luigi is very logical and he likes looking at different sides of things. Luigi has a crush on Lucina, a princess from Good Gaya but she does not like him back because of the innocents he killed in the Breakfast-Dinner-Spaghetti war.

Early Years[]

Like his brothers Mario and Giuseppe, Luigi is an orphan. In his adopted family, he was the middle child. His biological parents were never revealed.

After That[]


Luigi participated in the Breakfast-Dinner-Spaghetti war on the Spaghetti side and was considered a war hero who single-handedly won the war. He killed nearly everyone on Breakfast Island and Hyrule and developed PTSD afterwards. He has depression also.