Mario is the main character of the Supper Mario Bros series made by Neenteendo. He lives with his adopted father Goku and mother, Pikachu. In Supper Mario Racing’s post credits scene it was revealed that he has a crush on Zelda although he is married to Princess Peach. Mario also is a supporter of the Toasters for Toast movement.

==Personality== Edit

Mario is usually nice, although he gets extremely angry whenever his food is threatened. Edit

==Early Life== Edit

While he was six, Mario was completely changed when his family was kidnapped. He never saw his biological parents for 20 years. He was adopted by Goku and Pikachu, who told him nearly every day that All Toasters Toast Toast. He later believed this even though this is untrue. Edit

Toad Mafia Days: Edit

At the age of 13, Mario joined a gang called the Toad Mafia due to the fact that he felt like he never belonged at Toad School. In the game, Mario: Mafia Years, Mario nearly murders Giuseppe before realizing his mistake and calls the police on them. He later quits the mafia.

==Current Years== Edit

Mario rescued Princess Peach and fell In love with her. After he killed Bowser, Mario became a plumber and after not knowing what to do with his life, he realized how much the topic of toasters for toast really meant to him, so he joined the Toasters for Toast movement and fights the Toad Mafia. Edit

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