Mario Goes Communist is a propaganda game released by Neentendoo in 1962. The game is meant to be against communism somehow by showing Mario being communist.


The plot of this Game centers around Mario discovering what communism is through texting with one of his best friends, Isabelle. He then pitched the idea to Peach, who accepted it. This quickly ruins the state of the Mushroom Kingdom, so Mario and Peach are quick to correct it, but must face lots of protesting and riots. Mario is able to easily stop riots by making them do the Mario. That is not an innuendo.


The gameplay is constantly switching between moments of real time quick decision making, to platforming to point and click to dating sim.


Most praised the game, especially during the quick “Despasito” segments. The US Government called it “A great way to get people to stop becoming communist.” And IGN gave it a 65/10.

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