Mario is a series made by Nintendooz. It is a playformer-shooter-Dating sim. Shhegru Mayamsta said of the series “It sucks.”


•Supper Mario Bronze (1961) •Supper Mario Silver (1961) •Supper Mario Gold (1961) •Supper Mario: Great (1964) •Mario Goes Communist (1965) •Mario: Mafia Years (1970) •Mario Mafia Years 2 (1972) •Luigi’s Crap Hole (1974) •Mario 3D (1975) •Mario Tactics (1978) •Supper Years of Breakfast (1984) •Dinner Spaghetti And Breakfast: Battle Royale (1988) •Mario Toasts Toast (1990) •Supper Mario Slain: I Died Once (1995) •Supper Mario Racing (1997) •Mario: Toast Force (2003) •Mario: Shrek Swamp Rumble (2009) •Luigi And Giuseppe (2012) •Mario is Not Communist Anymore. Stop saying that. (2015) •Why Do I Still Do This: Mario and Luigi Disown Giuseppe. (2019)


There were a few games cancelled due to being racist.

•MMERYO •Mario Goes on a Honeymoon with Peach to the South During the Civil War •Mario is racist

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