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Mario is a series made by Neenteendo. It is a playformer-shooter-Dating sim. It was created by Sheegeeru Meeyamooto who hates his creations but most people like the games. It is Neenteendo’s first and most popular game series. Most of the work on the games were done by Willem Dafoe who did not get credited.


Supper Mario Bronze (1961)

Supper Mario Silver (1961)

Supper Mario Gold (1961)

Supper Mario: Great (1964)

Mario Goes Communist (1965)

Mario: Mafia Years (1970)

Mario Mafia Years 2 (1972)

Luigi’s Crap Hole (1974)

Mario 3D (1975)

Mario Tactics (1978)

Supper Years of Breakfast (1984)

Dinner Spaghetti And Breakfast: Battle Royale (1988)

Mario Toasts Toast (1990)

Supper Mario Slain: I Died Once (1995)

Supper Mario Racing (1997)

Mario: Toast Force (2003)

Mario: Shrek Swamp Rumble (2009)

Luigi And Giuseppe (2012)

Mario is Not Communist Anymore. Stop saying that. (2015)

Mario and Luigi Disown Giuseppe. (2019)

Waluigi’s Bizarre Adventure (2022)


There were a few games cancelled due to being racist:

•Mario Racism

•Mario hates black people

•Mario is Racist