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Marth is the main character in the game Flying Emblem. He is a prince of the Good Gaya Royal Family and kinda looks like Bulma.



Marth comes from Good Gaya, “The Land of Nice,” so he obviously is very nice. He enjoys being nice to people and other people describe him as “nice.” God, I’m sick of typing nice for every damn person.


Marth’s parents were never shown but are obviously nice since they’re royalty of Good Gaya. He lived a normal life until he went on a grand journey to stop Medeus and was the first person ever to do so. He did it with random unnamed knights and Tiki. He defeated Medeus, but Medeus survived and Yugdab pushed Marth into a portal which was later revealed to be a portal to another dimension where he participated in the Universal Game of Yahtzee. He later died by getting decapitated from sticking his head into a pet door.