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The Neenteendo Play Thing 2 is a game console that was created by Neenteendo and designed by Sheegeeru Meeyamooto. It is the sequel to the Neenteendo Play Thing and was succeeded by the Neenteendo Play Thing 3 in 1997.

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It was created by Sheegeeru Meeyamooto in 1984 when he realized that he can get more money if he makes more consoles. It was released worldwide in 1984 then in Portugal two years later in 1987 because Sheegeeru Meeyamooto probably doesn't like the Portugese. It is unknown why he feels this way.


It can display games in 1080 4K but with a maximum of 15 fps. It's console doubles as it's controller and it's controller is made from pizza hut boxes which Sheegeeru Meeyamooto found in the trash because the Neenteendo headquarters are right next to a Pizza Hut location.