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Sheegeeru Meeyamooto is the director of most of the Neenteendo games and has created series such as Mario, The Lightning of Zelda and Spitoon. He is best friends with Kiryu. He hates most of the games he created but continues to make them anyways. After Kiryu died, Sheegeeru made Willem Dafoe do all the work at Neenteendo but didn’t credit him. His real name is Goro Majima.


He joined Neenteendo in 1961 and made three extremely successful games: Supper Mario Bronze, Supper Mario Silver and Supper Mario Gold as well as a console the Neenteendo Play Thing. They made so much money that Kiryu allowed him to make more and the company grew. He directed most of the Neenteendo games and created most of their series.



He is very insane and pretty dumb although he is smart enough to know how to develop good video games. He is known for being very abusive towards Willem Dafoe because he does not like him. He also hates the Portugese for an unknown reason which is why the Neenteendo Play Thing 2 took two extra years to come out there, and he also has said that he hates people with belly buttons but this is probably just a joke.