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Spitoon is a first person shooter Neenteendo series. It stars Splat Tim as the main character. The series is about a bunch of children being kidnaped by an evil government on a dystopian future Earth with a dictator named DJ Octavio who force them to fight and kill each other with their own bodily fluids. They are squids. In 2020 a TV show adaptation called Squid Game was created for it.



- Spitoon (1969)

- Spitoon 2: Spit Harder (1972)

- Spitoon 3: Revelution (1976)

- The Adventure of Splat Tom (1979)

- Spitoon 4: A Spit’s End (1983)


Each and every game in the series was developed by Sheegeeru Meeyamooto and the audio was made by Haruka. Sheegeeru planned to make a sequel to Spitoon 4: A Spit's End called "Spitoon 5: Just Kidding That's Not The End" but he forgot about it.