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Splat Tim is an Inkling and the main character in the Spitoon series. Splat Tim was taken from his family in the city of Inkopolis , Inkland, Earth at the age of 10 and was forced to kill his own people in the Splat Games by the evil DJ Octavio who rules Earth. He has a twin named Splat Tom who he nearly killed.



Splat Tim likes having fun saying stupid things while killing people, to hide his existential guilt and anxiety. While he likes having fun, Splat Tim knows what the time is to be serious and has many serious moments.

Later Life[]

Splat Tim organized a successful revolution against the evil DJ Octavio and shut down the Splat Games, saving the earth from them. He then spent the rest of his life trying to look for his parents but the world was destroyed by Tabuu before then.