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Supper Mario: Great is the fourth game in the Supper Mario franchise. It was released by Neenteendo in 1964 for the Neenteendo Play Thing and was developed by Sheegeeru Meeyamooto. It was the first in the series to not feature Mario as a playable character as well as the first to not be a re-skin of Supper Mario Bronze.


This game is a beat it up combined with a dating sim at the same time. You control Giuseppe on a date with Banktoad and beat each other up.


After years of having a crush on him, Guiseppe asks his friend Banktoad out on a date. Banktoad agrees even though he hates Giuseppe and at the end decides to beat him mercilessly in the unnamed restaurant they go to. Giuseppe fights back and a brawl ensues.


Most called it a “Great role model for my children.” IGN gave it a 776/10.