Supper Mario Slain: I Died Once is a 1995 Neenteendo game.


You must walk through one stage, and then fight the boss, Hades. The stage is relatively short with no enemies and you can’t see anything. The boss with Hades is extremely quick as he is asleep and you only have to go up to him and press A to punch.


Mario goes to the Underworld after dying from tripping on Giuseppe’s sleeping body as he goes into Giuseppe’s room to steal his Pokémon cards. Since Mario gets to go to the Underworld instead of being reincarnated as one of Danny DeVito’s strands of hair, he gets a second chance. So he must punch Hades in the face to be brought back to life.


Most called it “A spooky and interesting idea which payed off.” IGN gave it an over 9000/10.

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