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The Breakfast-Dinner-Spaghetti Waris an event that takes place during he game Breakfast Vs. Dinner Vs. Spaghetti. Mario and Luigi participated on the Breakfast side. During the war is also where Mario and Luigi met Peach, Marth and Lucina.


The conflict started when during a Peace event thing between Hyrule, Jungle Island and Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule said Dinner is better the breakfast and Spaghetti. Since these were the natural dishes of the countries, they were extremely offended and almost immediately declared war.


There were only four battles during the war: •The Battle of Shrek’s Swamp •The Battle of Breakfast Volcano •The Battle of Wario’s 20 Year Old Porta Potty •The Battle of The Biggest Fan

The Battle of Shrek’s Swamp: This fight was not really able to continue due to the intervention by Shrek. Shrek used very heavy weaponry and by the end joined the Breakfast side, giving them a huge advantage and causing them to win the battle.

The Battle of Breakfast Volcano: Many soldiers of the Breakfast military were thrown into their own volcano, Mt. Breakfast, such as Shrek. The Breakfast military was quickly eliminated and dropped out due to Spaghetti and Dinner teaming up temporarily.

The Battle of Wario’s 20 Year Old Porta Potty: Mario gave the idea to the Spaghetti Army to use Wario’s old Porta potty as a weapon, but unfortunately They were ambushed because Duke D. Dool was a spy, causing the Dinner Force to win.

The Battle of the Biggest Fan: Luigi was promoted to General during the war because of the death of General Jar Jar Binks. Luigi then brought out a giant fan, and killed all of the Dinner Force. All of them. Even random strangers. Luigi then was haunted by guilt for the rest of his life.


Everyone on the side that isn’t the Spaghetti side died. Except for Zelda because she’s having an affair with Mario. This left an extreme amount of memes gone. Thankfully, The Mountain Dew met with the Cranberry Sprite and let memes come to the Mushroom Kingdom forever.

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