The Legend of Zelda: Ganon’s Smelly Casemate is a 1979 Neenteendo game.


The cover.


The game is a 2D platformer. You play as Link and must walk a short distance to kill Ganon who is hiding in a casemate. You have to duck under bullets, which Ganon is shooting at you, which is extremely difficult since the bullets go just as fast as real bullets and are just as loud. The Ganon fight is also particularly difficult since the room will kill you with bad smells if you’re not quick enough. You must press the A button 20 times during the span of one second.


Ganon came back again, and stole a very Smelly Casemate from The King of Hyrule. The casemate kills everyone with bad smells except for demons. Link stole the Stank sword once more and USB using it to kill Ganon again.


Most called it “A perfectly challenging game.” IGN gave it a 662527/10.

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