The Mushroom Kingdom is a monarchy governed by Princess Peach and Prince Bowser. It is one of the biggest military superpowers on Earthey and took over the planet after the Spaghetti-Dinner-Breakfast war.


The first rulers of the Mushroom Kingdom was Princess Lady Shrek and Prince Thanos. They ruled for 115000 years before being assasinated by Santa Claus, causing Princess Peach and Prince Bowser to take the throne. Lady Shrek and Thanos came out of an egg, as did everything that exists including the land. The shape of the Mushroom Kingdom stayed consistent for all those years, until before they took over Earthey.

Military MightEdit

The Mushroom Kingdom’s army is made up of 66655892993 Toad Soldiers, Mario and Luigi. This gives them one of the smallest armies on Earthey, but still you can’t conpare to their Bad assery.

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