The Splat Games is an event in the Spitoon series involving kidnapped ten year olds being forced to kill each other. One of them happens every day and has for 501 days. The event was organized and held by DJ Octavio.


Splat Tim, Splat Tom, Unnamed Inkling 1, Unnamed Inkling 2 etc.


There have been 501 Splat Games, and one happens every day. The winner of each one gets to be in the next one and most likely will die. Nobody has ever gone there with any regard for the dying ten year olds.

The 501st Splat GamesEdit

The 501st Splat Games were the last ones ever held. This is because during the 501st Splat Games, Splat Tim led an uprising and forcibly ended the Splat Games and killed DJ Octavio.

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