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Teletubbies kidnapping someone

The Teletubbies are an ancient species of aliens who come from the planet PNF-404. They are trying to colonize Earthey by using LSD like effects on humans. They have offspring called Pikkin. It is unknown how they lived on PNF-404 but it is known that they want to conquer planets.

First And Second Coming[]

It is unknown when the Teletubbies first came, but a cave painting depicting them was dated to the year 3000 BC. The second coming happened in 1889, in a small village in Breakfast Island. Six children were kidnapped and came back 6 days later drugged.

Third Coming[]

The third coming hasn’t yet happened, but it is said that all of Earthey will be taken over by them when it does. Not much apart from that is known about it. The BBC ran the Teletubbies TV show to prepare us for what it will be like when they come.