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The Toasters for Toast movement is the belief that all toasters should be toasting toast. Mario, Goku and Pikachu are notable members. This is technically not correct as NOT ALL TOASTERS TOAST MOTHER FLOOOOODING TOAST!!!!!!!


Due to the fact that not all toasters toast toast, this movement has a lot of controversy and backlash. Mario and Luigi, mostly Mario were bullied for being supporters of this movement. Most notably by Dixie Kong, Jimmy Neutron and Your Mom.


In the year 890, toasters were first invented by Tabuu. Darth Maul felt some toast could be toasted but isn’t, so he ignores the fact that there is in fact some toast that could not be toasted. They then had a war or something I don’t know it’s ancient OKAY??!? The effects of this conflict are still felt today throughout the generations.