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Yugdab is a villain in the Flying Emblem series. He is Medeus’s son (they don’t reveal the mother because noone wants to imagine an old man and woman... y’know). Anyways, Yugdab

Yugdab chilling and lookin’ evil as usual

Yugdab is a very good person don’t doubt it. PS Medeus rules.

Hey! I think Medeus edited this page. Good thing he died. So, Yugdab disguised himself as a good character and joins the side of the party of whoever is against Medeus. Since they’re all super nice, it would be rude to accuse him of being evil! Yugdab is very obviously evil and people are pretty stupid for not seeing his betrayal coming. Yugdab pushes them into a mysterious random portal that just happened to have appeared in his lawn, so most of the time they don’t ever see that he betrayed him.